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Registry Trash Keys Finder (TrashReg) is an advanced Registry cleaning tool. The main function of RTKF is to allow the removal of unnecessary keys from the Windows Registry. Many programs leave keys in the Registry, even after programs removal using an uninstallation facility provided with the programs themselves. RTKF allows you to decide whether to delete or leave the keys found.

An additional effect (it may be the main aim for some users) of removal of these keys is the "revival" of some programs trial versions after the initial trial period has expired.

The program RTKF is not a crack but is an addition to other serious Registry cleaning software. No breach of software license agreement of the programms in use which remains are found by TrashReg takes place: nothing is patched into EXE files and their action is not traced by special spies. I do not distribute any registration keys, and moreover one may not know anything about trial versions of any programs, which for their needs could write something hiddenly. So as the RTKF user you simply clean some trash from your computer Registry.


System Requirements

Registry Trash Keys Finder requires a PC running Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, both 32-bit and 64-bit. The program expects minimum of 16MB memory and about 2 MB of free hard disk space.


What's new in version 3.9.4:
  • Added Polish user interface (thanks to Marek Bogacz)
  • Added new Tools menu command "Full Registry Backup..."
  • Tested with Windows 10
  • The last version that supports Win9x, Me (almost not tested)
  • Many bugfixes, some small adds

You can find more detailed versions history inside RTKF documentation.


Download the program

To download the recent file (v., released 14/01/2017) just click picture


Full Version

Actually there are two different versions of Registry Trash Keys Finder. The first one is the Freeware version that can be freely downloaded from my website or from other software download sites. The second one is the Full version. There are a few important additional searches not fully implemented in the Freeware version. Full version is not available for free downloading and at the moment it requires making a personal contribution for TrashReg project further development. By some signs the Full version of Registry Trash Keys Finder can be likened to DonationWare software.

"What is DonationWare?"

DonationWare is software where you give to the author what you think his software is worth. The author gives you a few suggestions of what, he humbly thinks, deserves for further development of his program but you have the final word, absolutely.

"OK. So why should I donate?"

Here I give a few reasons, you may find others:

  • Encourage me if you will. I must admit that I sometimes wonder why I'm spending hours adding more features to RTKF. Or why I'm translating every version into English. There are several reasons, and money is one of them. (Well, if it were the only one, I would have stopped developing a long time ago...)

  • You think it's fair that I get some reward for my continuous work.

  • I have expenses for developing and distributing RTKF: backup CD-ROM's, domain name, expensive internet access, ink, paper, bread and butter, coffee and a lot of Russian Vodka (of course it's a joke:-))...

  • If you use Registry Trash Keys Finder successfully. Then I have helped you to save money. So I deserve a reward, donít you think so?

  • At last, you want to be an user of the Full version of RTKF, because it gives you enhanced capabilities and more power.

"OK. So how do I donate?"

Currently the only way is to send money to my PayPal account

PayPal - The safer, 
easier way to pay online!


Thank you in advance for your much needed support!



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